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Mother Teresa's Role as a Citizen

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Here, you will be able to observe Mother Teresa's role as a citizen in her community, in her country, and on a global scale.


Mother Teresa started her life as a nun by becoming a member of a local parish in her community. She was involved with activites. This introduced her to the community, and gave her a chance to set an example towards those around her.

Mother Teresa's role as a citizen in her home country, Macedonia, was not very evident, as she spent most of her life in India. Therefore, one could say that "her country" was India meaning she played a very significant role in India. In India, she helped out everyone she could and devoted the majority of her life there towards caring and loving those people who nobody was prepared to look after. She a played a loving and caring and devoted role in in India to all those who needed help.

Mother Teresa plays a role on a global scale as well. Mother Teresa's order, "the Missionaries of Charity" has spread all over the world where care is given to all sorts of people with a wide range of problems. "The Missionaries of Charity" are found on every continent, clearly showing how big her role as a citizen on a global scale was. She is known throughout the world for her amazing work and loving heart. She was a living saint.

Mother Teresa