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Mother Teresa's Difference in the World

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Mother Teresa

In my opinion, Mother Teresa made a positive difference in the world. She was a role model for everyone and always set out the right example. Her willingness to help every single person in need made her a loving and caring person who dedicated her life to aiding the sick, the rejected, and the poor. She changed many people's lives and continues to do so with her order "The Missionaries of Charity" which is spread out all over the world.
She was a living saint, and did everything Jesus would want her to do. She was strong and had a meaning in life. When she recieved her first calling, she did not ignore, but she fulfilled it and became a nun. When she recieved her second calling, she left "the Sisters of Loretto" and moved to India where she lived among the poor. Mother Teresa was a dedicated woman and made a difference in many people's lives.
Mother Teresa lived among disease and filth, trying to aid those in need, who were the poorest of the poor. She was determined to help them, and that determination never faded. Her impact on the world was a positive one, giving many people hope and something to live for. Mother Teresa will never be forgotten.